Mini-Project: Shopping List

August 22, 2013

My parents are pretty tech-savvy as far as parents go, and as such are pretty demanding when it comes to the features and functionalities of the mobile apps they have to use on a regular basis. To complicate this, my dad has an Android phone while my mom has an iPhone. So one of the major ongoing dramas in their household over the past few months has been finding a grocery list app that can sync between their devices, allows for favorites/categories/notes, and works reliably. Rather than watch them continue to go through app after app, I volunteered to build a responsive web app that fulfills their specific needs.

So this is the result of that, as close as can feasibly be gotten to their very high standards (their last demand was a barcode scanner). It required me to to brush off my mySQL knowledge and learn a little Ajax and was overall a really fun, self-contained project!

Dramedy: A visualization of my horribly inconsistent film viewing habits

April 10, 2013

One of the assignments for my Personal Informatics class was incredibly general: make a creative visualization of some kind of data. Since I knew I had four years of weird movie viewing habits quantified, I decided to tackle that. So here it is. Every new movie I've watched for the past 4+ years broken down by month and split up by genre. Draw your own conclusions.